This time, I’m just posting literal snapshots. Things that have become the new normal for us. I’m hoping that each picture gives just a little insight into our lives.

My bedside table reading pile

We read. We try to learn. But so often the reality is nothing like the books.

Wiped out and on the sofa

This is what happens when it all gets too much, when the voice becomes too loud. Ollie retreats to the sofa. Our dogs comfort him as best they can.  

Hospital day

This is the hardest day of the week. This takes all day and is always hugely tiring. Individual therapy, family therapy, weigh-in, and children’s group. Often this wipes us all out. 


Standard morning. This sets the tone for the day. If breakfast is hard we know we’re in for a rough ride.  

Snack box

AKA the box that Ollie hates. Afternoon snack is a chocolate bar. It’s non-negotiable.

The medications

Daily meds. The syringes are hugely triggering and Ollie is only just beginning to cope with washing them out.

The undone household jobs

The cupboards fell off the utility room wall in September. The trip to IKEA and the repairs have not yet made it to the top of the “to do” list 

This week’s meal plan

This is what we all live by. It’s non-negotiable for the whole family. Planning ahead helps Ollie to prepare for the meals to come, and sets out our expectations.


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