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Progress report

This blog has been quiet for months, for the best reasons. Ollie’s been well, and life has been moving onwards.  Ollie is now a tall young man, the exact height:weight ratio that he should be. His school attendance is 100% and he is only seeing CAMHS fortnightly. There is talk of him being discharged from services in the spring. Ollie’s meds are being slowly reduced. It is all hugely encouraging.  Anorexia hasn’t gone, but the voice is mostly just a whisper. We still have a routine, still have a meal plan on the wall, but Ollie has more responsibility for his own choices, and more freedom. Ollie’s aim is to be “just a kid, not the anorexic kid” by the summer next year.  Ollie’s progress has allowed us all to move forwards. Instead of returning to work, I have returned to university. I’m now a first year student mental health nurse. The experience of the last two years, as well as the years of my own mental health problems, has inspired me to do something real, and worthwhil

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